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A Politically Exposed Person, or PEP for short, is someone who currently, or in the last 12 months, belonged to a political entity or governmental body. For instance, someone who is a Head of State, Head of Government, Senior Politician, High Ranking Military Official, or important Political Party Officials. A PEP however, also extends to the immediate family members and close associates of such a person. None of the categories set out above should be understood as covering middle ranking or more junior officials.

This information needs to be completed for income tax purposes according to the Directive 2014/107/EE as regards mandatory automatic exchange of information in the field of Taxation (Common Reporting Standard -CRS ) which in Cyprus has been adopted by the Decree 161/2016 dated 20.05.2016

The yearly salary, along with any other funds you receive.

All the assets value you owe after you have deducted the total value of your debts.

The anticipated amount of investment within the next 12 months.

Proof of Identity – POI must be clear copy (all 4 corners of the document must be visible), current and valid, issued by official government authority and include:

Proof or Residence - POR This document must be valid, issued within 6 months and include the current permanent address of the holder.

Documents below listed can be accepted:

Six (6) first and Four (4) last digits must be visible, name and expiration date should be clear

Please hide the first 12 digits of the card (if visible) and the CVV code, but make sure the card is signed